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3 Hidden Cafes in Mumbai!

Do you sometimes wish that you could just find a cute cafe to spend your afternoon at? A place that serves good food and coffee and nobody else knew about?

With a heavy heart I am revealing 3 of my favourite cafes which shall no more remain hidden, haha!

#1 Cafe Blue Bliss, Borivali West.

A while ago, I used to attend spanish classes in Borivali West (IC Colony). Although Cafe Coffee Day was our usual hangout spot after classes, one day we decided to venture a bit further inside IC colony. To our surprise we discovered the perfect little cafe, almost empty in the afternoons. They have a table up in the loft, which is pretty hard to get in and out of, but is perfect.

What to order:

  • Iced Coffee

  • Chocolate Milkshake

  • Pasta! (They have really good pink sauce pasta and for fellow non-vegetarians: Bacon prawn spinach spaghetti is heaven!)

  • Really assortment of meat sandwiches (Ham n Cheese Toast, Bacon egg cheese, Turkey Ham)

  • Peri Peri Chipotle Fries

What I love about blue bliss are the cute interiors. Every corner is decorated tastefully with art. The music too is always mellow and ambient.

#2 Cafe La Gwa, Versova

You could walk past this cafe and never think twice. It is a tiny cafe, located on the further end of Aram Nagar. The lane is so peaceful, you could literally hear birds chirping! But that is the magic of Versova as well.

If you have dreamt of finding a cafe where the owner knows your usual order by heart and you sit at the same table with the same coffee everyday. This is it!

It is essentially a healthy cafe, so they have an array of items that are super good if you are watching what you eat. Imagine ordering a quinoa burger and it tastes better than your jimmies jawbreaker! This place is just that. Health plus taste.

What to order:

  • Vietnamese Coffee

  • Quinoa Burger

  • Their healthy protein shakes! (They are thick and tasty)

Quinoa Burger with Chips
Vietnamese Coffee

La Gwa has beautiful interiors. They have slow jazz playing in the background on a marshall perched up on a shelf. If you like a place for its vibes, La Gwa has the chillest ones.

#3 Silver Beach Cafe, Juhu

Although the lokhandwala Silver beach branch has gained quite some popularity, nothing beats the Juhu one. This cafe is located in the quiet lanes of Juhu, very close to Iskon and walkable distance to the beach.

Silver beach is a petite French cafe with impeccable interiors and great food. The Thai green curry here is to die for!

What to order:

Breakfast Options-

  • The Acai Protein Smoothie Bowl (Vegan & Gluten Free)

  • Chia Seed Pudding

  • Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Lunch/Dinner -

  • Walnut, Citrus & Tobasco Hummus with Soft Flat Bread (Starter)

  • Thai Green Curry! (Best thing ever)

  • Quinoa/Spicy Chicken Burger

  • Roasted Vegetables Ratatouille Risotto

They have a wide selection of wines and champagnes as well.

The best part about Silver beach is that they have something for everyone. They have a veto menu, they have vegan plus gluten free options and they have wines, champagnes and lot of coffees!

This is definitely a must visit place for all cafe lovers.

Let me know in the comments if you have been to any of these cafes and if you like them too!



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