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Are you struggling to make it to the gym everyday?

Is travelling eating up a huge chunk of your time?

Are expensive gym memberships stopping you?

I felt exactly the same way. I found the perfect solution to my problem.


I am no fitness instructor but I recently began my fitness journey and what helped me get through the initial phase of 'STARTING' were home workouts.

Flashback to 2018:

I had always been a skinny person, so when I put on 10 kgs in a year’s period, I knew something had to change. My love for food was (and is) never ending so I HAD to find a way to burn all the calories I was putting in.

Naturally I joined a gym and started working out. Now there are so many people who enjoy machines and gym workouts but it just WASN’T for me! I had to figure out another way of exercising; a workout that I loved and did not require hours at the gym. By nature I am a very impatient person, so I did my own research and found a couple of home workouts that I could try.

Safe to say I have ONLY been working out at home for the past 2 years, and whenever I feel a bit sluggish and want to feel confident again, I do these workouts and they never fail to amaze me. I feel better in just a few days of starting, NO bloating, clothes fit better, cheeks are flushed and skin feels healthier as well.

Imagine if you could wake up and roll off your bed onto a yoga mat and do your workout right then and there.

Pros -

  • NO travelling costs!

  • Save a lot of time everyday.

  • Workout in your home clothes.

  • No need to pack your water bottles and towels. Keep them right next to you at home.

  • Run straight to your shower.

  • Save on a lot of deodorants. Haha!

Here are a few workouts that I do regularly and LOVE. I workout between 10 minutes to 30 minutes everyday with 1 rest day per week. But keep in mind, these workouts will not help you lose weight if you eat cookies everyday! Calories in vs calories out ALWAYS!

Be mindful of what you’re putting in and eat healthy.

All of these workouts require minimal to no equipments.

#1 BBG.

Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines is a 28 minute HIIT workout that made me start loving home workouts. I could not believe that it was possible to workout for 28 minutes ONLY 3 times a week and still get fit. These workouts span over a period of 12 weeks with 3 workouts per week consisting of full body, legs, upper body & abs.

Intensity level - Moderate to Difficult but ACHIEVABLE.

She does have a few beginner weeks to get used to it for the workouts since they follow a circuit pattern of 7 minutes per circuit and you repeat four exercises every circuit till the timer runs out.

This workout suggests that you do Low intensity steady state on the other 3 days of the week, which basically means light cardio - Walking, cycling, swimming etc.

Equipment - NO equipment! A few dumbbells if you want to increase the intensity.

Cost - SWEAT app on Google and Apple Store. The program costs over 1000 rupees per month (depending on yearly or monthly subscription) but a secret tip - Her BBG program PDF files are available on google for free! (Try Pinterest)

Time - 28 minutes a day.

#2 Chloe Ting

I love Chloe Ting ab workouts. She has a lot of free programs on her website. I recently completed her 14 Day Shred Challenge and it was so good! The results were fabulous, so even though I have completed her challenge, I still incorporate her 10 minute workouts everyday in my routine. Her full body plus 11 line abs together is my favourite combination.

I am going to link her 14 Day challenge here to get you started.

Alternatively you can also type her in name in youtube search and you’ll find lots of workouts.


It requires NO equipment except a yoga mat. She also has NO jumping exercise alternates in her video for those who do not like High intensity workouts.

Intensity Level - Easy to Moderate.

These are perfect to start your workout journey and fall in love with moving your body everyday.

Cost - FREE!

Time - 10-30 minutes a day.

#3 Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren is a youtuber, dancer and fitness advocate. I absolutely love and hate her ab workouts. They BURN really bad but at the same time will be super helpful if you want to get fit!

I am going to link my favourite one down below. I love to do it after a full body workout.

It’s ONLY 10 minutes but it’s KILLER!


Equipment - Yoga mat.

Cost - FREE

Time - 10 minutes.

These are some of the workouts that helped me start working out and made it easy and achievable for me to do it. Once I saw the results I was addicted! It’s only about STARTING! It is VERY easy to set aside 10 minutes a day for your health and home workouts are the easiest solution for anyone struggling to find the motivation to workout.

Hopefully this will help you start your fitness journey today and get you as addicted as I am, because once you start seeing results you will NOT be able to stop. Be consistent, give it a few months and you will naturally see it as a part of your daily routine and lifestyle.

Comment below about your favourite workouts, and if you like the gym better or do you enjoy working out at the gym?



Picture Credits: Pixabay.

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