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5 Ways To Use The CORONA-VIRUS Situation To Your Advantage!

There is absolutely no escaping this situation. No matter what country, city you are in, this deadly virus is the ONLY topic everyone is talking about. So while we are all self-quarantined and have extra time on our hands, we might as well use it to our advantage.

Here are 5 ways how you can stay home and spend your time wisely.

#1 Read books!

Sort through that book shelf that has been staring at your since ages and pick up a nice book to read. Being at home means you can snuggle in a blanket and read for hours without having to step outside for any work/social gatherings! A 0 disturbance environment to start something you’ve always been meaning to.

#2 Do home workouts/Focus on Diet

Just because gyms are shut is no excuse to stop your daily routine. Youtube has a ton of home-workouts (You can also check out my fitness article for no equipment workouts to do at home). So roll out your yoga mat and get some exercise in. Now is the perfect time to focus on your body without having to blame your family dinners and saturday nights at the pub. You can focus on eating home food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

#3 Invest in Stock

It is a terrible time and the market is dropping at a crazy rate. Now would be a good time to invest in stock for when the market corrects itself. Consult your friend/family member who is always watching the stock market and start investing!

#4 Spend time with family

We are so caught up in our lifestyles. We run from office to gym to restaurants and hardly spend any time at home. You can use this time to have a lot of family meals together, play board games and make the best of the situation.

#5 Earn some extra cash!

A lot of freelance apps like fiverr, upwork etc have projects that you can do from home and get paid for. If you are a developer, graphic designer etc then you should DEFINITELY check these apps out. However even if you are not skilled in those areas, there are thousands of gigs for simple jobs like data entry, virtual assistant jobs etc. to make some extra cash while you spend time at home.

Understandably none of us have ever been in a situation like this before and it still feels like something out of a history text-book but nevertheless we can try and do the best we can while staying safe and taking precautions.

Much love and stay safe everyone!


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