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How Is Corona-Virus Affecting The Tourism Industry?

The situation is getting worse day by day. All hotels, B&Bs, restaurants and hostels have shut down for business with no idea when they will reopen. As an insider in the hospitality industry , here's what we are afraid of and what the reality is looking like and how we can help them.

#1 Complete Shut-Down

A complete shut down means 0 income. Yes, the major portion of our income is through people staying with us. We have had to shut down all operations and we still have to pay rent, salaries and basic operational costs without any money flowing in.

The associations are however coming together to try and delay payments to everyone but again the cycle is disrupted. They rely on our payments like we rely on someone else's payments.

#2 Unclear picture of the foreseeable future.

We cannot predict WHEN this will stop, so everything is up in the air. A month? 2 months? Everything from the biggest tourist attractions and bars in Thailand to the 5-star hotels in Goa have come to a standstill. Current reality involves trying to make the best of the situation by just waiting. Some restaurants/hotels are trying to continue food deliveries, most people are losing their jobs, but that is the truth.

#3 How can we help the tourism industry?

Most hostels and people who rely on this industry are facing a HARD time. The only way to help this industry is ordering takeout from small establishments, buying gift cards for the future, if you have/had plans to travel; for a few months from now or next year, you can put an advance down for your stay to help the businesses out in this period. Support your favourite hostels by sharing their social media posts to help market them, read travel blogs to help support content creators who travel to make a living.

#4 Loss of Jobs

The tourism industry accounts for 10% of the worlds GDP. If you are a part of the hospitality industry, make sure your employees are not out of a job, if you cannot pay them their full salary, make sure they have enough to provide for themselves and their families.

#5 It is difficult not to travel.

It is undoubtedly difficult to not travel and be quarantined but stay still and keep everyone around you safe. The tourism industry is taking a big hit to keep all of you travellers safe while losing their incomes, help them by staying home!

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