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Instagram Hate: Here's what no one talks about

Listen up guys,

Let’s talk about something important today. You and me. The 90’s kids, the “Millennials’, whatever you want to call it. We are supposed to be the smart ones, we have technology at our finger tips and we can learn to better ourselves everyday because isn’t this decade all about ‘self-care’ and ‘self-confidence’ and ‘growth’?

So where exactly is this ‘Compassion’ and ‘Support’?

I open instagram and see no compassion, I see hate.

I open DM’s and let’s keep aside the creepy ones, but I see a lot of mean comments and no, I am NOT talking about others, I am talking about us. 

Our friends, our close group, people WE know. You may or may not be an active participant of this mean activity but you are still a part of it if you witness it.

How many times have you sent a person’s story or profile on DM to your friend and commented “Eww?” or judged their body, their face?

Quarantine and lock-down has actually pushed people to explore themselves and try out new hobbies, but we will NOT appreciate it. 

We don’t want to do that. 

We see someone doing something productive and trying to make good use of their time even though they may not be the BEST at it and we pull them apart, we try and find flaws in them to make ourselves feel better. 

Instead of celebrating them, we drag them down. 

How many of us are guilty of it?

We open instagram and see a girl we know from our friend circle post about a new beauty tutorial (or a guy friend post a workout routine), instantly we open and check their profile. We check their followers, we check their comments, likes, you know name it. We then SHARE this profile with our friends on instagram DM’s and groups and write the shittiest things we know. 

“Ew, look at her/him”

“She’s so cringey”

“So annoying”

We are judgemental and we think it’s fun. We have the time of our lives picking at people and we never know how hurtful it can be. We think and assume that just because they won’t find out, it does no harm. 

But guess what?

It causes a great extent of damage. Not to them, but to us. We are brimming with negativity. We are full of anger and hate and we are constantly wasting our time. 

But, why do we do this?

For starters,

A big reason behind this is our own insecurities.

We often do not deal with our own insecurities because we are yet to discover who we are and so the lack of confidence in ourselves, projects itself in the form of hate for other people. 

On a subconscious level, we are unable to accept how ‘happy’, how ‘confident’ someone else is. We aren’t confident or free enough to do those things yet and so we end up saying all these mean things. 

Another reason is - Just for fun/No reason at all

Sometimes, we don’t even know the person, we have no reason and yet we share people’s profiles and laugh at them. We send ‘screenshots’ of chats and discuss them. We do it for varied reasons, maybe it’s a ‘cool’ thing to do or maybe we have just gotten so used to talking about people that we don’t even know how to stop it. We don’t know how or what to talk about with our friends. 

And this here, is a HUGE problem. 

It is not even about privacy anymore, it’s just.. Ridiculous and about time we moved past this.

How long can we keep this up? How long till we realise that all we are doing is spreading negativity and the people we hate usually don’t care at all, and they will continue hustling and continue uploading whatever they want to. 

How long till we realise that this needs to STOP. We as a community need to start supporting people. 

We need to comment and like on that friend’s post who just uploaded a new poem.

We need to share that friend’s workout tutorial that he spent hours creating and editing.

We need to show love to that friend’s picture who pulled herself apart trying to hide every ounce of fat that was showing through her clothes, the one who changed her outfit 50 times just for ONE instagram post.

Instagram is a start, but let’s not stop at that.

Let us support each other’s growth. Let us support a friend’s startup by BUYING their products instead of asking for free goods. Let’s support each other’s businesses by making them a profit instead of loss. Let’s not use the ‘friendship’ card to avail free services.

I understand it's a huge benefit to have a friend who owns a cool business, but try not to become a liability to them. Spread the word about their business, help them get customers, help them build a brand and be a ‘FRIEND’. 

Somewhere in this decade of technology we have lost the understanding of the word ‘friendship’ and the essence of support and goodwill. Let’s try to not let go of the few ounces and traces that we have left and bring it back. 

Understand that by supporting others, not only do they grow, we ALL GROW TOGETHER.



(*TC- Please note this is a case by case scenario and some of you are genuine sweethearts by heart and WOW, what a world that would be if you have never witnessed this, this is more of what I have heard/seen from friends/people/personal account)

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