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The Power of Creating an Image

Updated: Sep 22

I know the title sounds vaguely uninteresting. What is the power of image? Why would I want to be reading about it? But wait. Give this a few more minutes before it blows your mind.

So let me explain what I am talking about. This is a fairly recent discovery, about 2-3 years maybe. I was at home after college, pissed about something that some friend had done and as we always do I wanted to vent. I wanted to bitch about this person and my mom being the first available person was my unsuspecting prey.

I started by talking about what this friend had done and went on to explain my anger and disappointment, but while I was talking about this something crazy was happening. My mom TOO was starting to develop a distasteful image of my friend. She listened intently as I talked about this situation. A few days after this was over, my mom came up to me and said “Maybe you shouldn’t be friends with this person. I am not sure he's such a good person”.

Now you may have seen this with your parents too, but this made me realize something profound and that is that my words had an insanely huge effect on the image that I create in someone's mind. I could either hype them up and make them sound the coolest or I could simply trash talk them and THAT would decide how someone else feels about them.

I don’t know if any of you realize, but we ALL possess this power. We can MAKE or BREAK anyone's image in anyone's mind depending on how we talk about them. So in case you wanted to go to a friends party, you simply had to praise your friend during your dinner conversations and voila! Your parents love this friend of yours, all they want you to do is hang out with them so some of their goodness would rub off on you.

Precisely then I realized I could do anything. I started using this a couple of times here and there. Whenever I wanted to introduce a friend to someone, I would start by telling them some good anecdotes, I would use a lot of adjectives such as ‘funny’, ‘smart’, ‘trustworthy’ and they too formed the same image about them. It was THAT easy connecting two people.

Once you realize this, you can never look back. You can use it for any situation in your life and it will help you. It will also stop you from talking distastefully about a person because now you realize how powerful your words can be. How they can shape someone ELSE’s life.

And that is the Power of creating an image. This is just a random name that I have now thrust onto this topic, but it fits.

Let me know what you guys think!


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