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Top 5 Must-Visit Cafes In Goa!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Running a backpackers hostel meant daily questions from the guests -

“Where do we eat?”

“Which is the fanciest place in Goa?”

“Can you please suggest a budget friendly restaurant?”

So over my many months of exploration and careful curation, I have come up with a list of my absolute favourite cafes/restaurants in Goa that you MUST visit!

This list contains a mix of cafe’s, restaurants and bars.


An absolute no-brainer, this tops my list for every reason - Perfect ambience, with its wooden tables set on the beachside, a cute instagram-worthy windmill, it looks absolutely beautiful.

It’s a perfect spot to watch the sun go down, but what’s even better? The FOOD.

Burger Factory lives up to the hype everytime with succulent burgers (wide array of options for non-vegetarians!) Vegetarians MAY find it a little disheartening, however the Spinach +  Cheddar + Onion + Mushroom is insanely mouthwatering.

Now, onto the drinks. After all its Goa, right?

Burger Factory serves fresh cocktail pitchers, it may be a little heavy on the pocket but the Sangria pitcher is worth it. They serve a bunch of different cocktails, none of them stood out to us however they’re all equally the same level of good. On a side- note to all my Irishmen out there, they serve Guiness!

All in all - Burger Factory earns a decent 8/10 from my side.

Cost for two - INR 1000 for 2 without alcohol.

INR 1500-2000 with alcohol.


Situated in the quiet lanes of Anjuna is this super vibey cafe. I don’t know if there is a feeling known as “Goa”, but you could feel Goa, this place would definitely be it. They have an easy outdoor table setting with a coffee bar set up. A shop consisting of cute antiques and clothes that you can shop for (Little pricey for the products they sell, but worth taking a stroll inside!)

Artjuna is the epitome of ‘chill’. You can spend hours here, reading a book, sipping on coffee, just hanging out with your friends.

They serve healthy food and the Hummus here is to die for!

Food recommendations -

Bowl of Hummus!

  • Artjuna Toast (Veg Sandwich with pesto based filling - but so yummy)

  • Beautiful smoothie bowls - They are served super fresh!

Drink recommendations -

  • BEST Chocolate milkshake ever - It’s such a basic drink but Artjuna seems to have mastered the art of chocolate milkshake.

  • Smoothies are to die for - Try your favourite fruit.

  • Coffee Frappe - For someone who likes their coffee extra sweet, I’m more of a frappe person, but they blend their own coffee so its super fresh and good. Their huge coffee machines are fascinating.

The best part about artjuna is its perfect for vegans and health freaks, but even if you are looking to just chill, it’s still worth a visit - Perfect for solo travellers.

All in all - 9/10

Cost for two - INR 700


If you’ve ever dreamt of clicking pictures in classy mint dresses colour-coordinated with your guy, this is that exact location. It’s super chic, saxo-phones, middle-aged women downing cocktails, picturesque beach view, in one word - FANCY.

Olive fulfills your needs for a beautiful location with amazing cocktails(about INR 600 for one!), However you may want to limit your food to starters or truffle fries. They have a vast menu but it’s more of a drink in hand kind of a place, you may want to head elsewhere for the food part.

Quite a fascinating drink at Olive would be the No-jito, perfect for a non-drinker, it has the coolest name and tastes just as good. Also do ask the bartender to whip you up one of their special strawberry martinis, absolutely divine!

The best bet for someone on a budget would be to order a mocktail and spend hours watching the sundowner. Oops.

This place would probably be an 8/10. It loses out on the food part!

Cost for two - INR 700-1000 for only starter-ish food.

However if you’re drinking expect a much higher bill (Starting from INR 1500 and upwards)


For the most authentic Goan experience, head to Fisherman’s Cove in Candolim, a super busy place, however you will always manage to find a table. This place consists of the Goan singers, waiters wearing floral shirts and large families dining together- A perfect Goan lunch experience.

I love this place because it has everything- GREAT Food, easy on the pocket and quick service, add to it the music on most days and there’s nothing missing.

Food Recommendations -

  • Prawns Wafers! It’s perfect to munch on till your food arrives!

  • Sizzlers- They have a really good sauce - Ask for the spicy red one! (Veg or Non-Veg)

  • Prawns/Fish Ambotik- Spicy slightly tangy gravy- REALLY good with Rice.

  • Vindaloo - Spicy and tasty (Try veg or non-veg according to preference)

Beers are really reasonably priced - A chilled beer is perfect with the food.

On a side note- Their cocktails aren’t too bad either!

This place would be 8.5/10!

The only place it loses out on is a quiet ambience if there’s no live singers!

Cost for two - INR 1000


Mango Tree.. words may not be enough to describe this place. This place is your local diner, where everyone knows everyone, and the servers know your order by heart - It is where you go and have your morning coffee with an English breakfast but, it is also where you spend hours at the bar and drink till 4 AM.

Mango tree has the chillest vibes, also its surrounded by about 4-5 backpacker hostels which means it always has a culture-mixed crowd- ranging from locals who have been frequenting it for years to backpackers to the first-timers. Mango Tree has a little for everybody. The drinks are reasonably priced - Steeper than the wine shop but still quite reasonable when you compare it to somewhere like Mumbai.

They serve really good food as well.

Be sure to try their masala fries. Really crispy and perfect along with the drinks.

Do not experiment much with drinks at Mango Tree, it is more of a fixed order kind of place. Rum + Coke, Gin + Tonic or just your favourite beer!

But definitely a go-to if you have loads of time on your hand. The place does not have the fanciest seating and may appear shady so be prepared for a unique experience.

This place would be a 7/10 - The old furniture could use a bit of sprucing even though it does add to its vibe.

Cost for two- INR 1000.

Hope you loved these places and plan to visit them on your next trip to Goa. Feel free to share your thoughts if you have already visited these places or wish to!



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