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Why Sign Language Is The Most Powerful Language Ever

Its been a hot minute guys, but as I always think and believe: quality over quantity ALWAYS. I am back with another article, but this one is by an insanely talented and a wonderful person, Vida Valentina Paz. I had the pleasure of meeting her through my mother and I always believe these meetings are no co-incidences. If there is something I can do this in this world, I will and I am so glad that I can spread this powerful message and tell all of you about her, but most importantly about her passion to educate the world about sign language.

My name is Vida Valentina Paz and I identify myself as a 'deaf-hearing' person.

I am a Human Connection specialist, a Lifestyle-Mindset influencer, a passionate storyteller and international sign language teacher.

I grew up in a very large deaf family of 3rd generation with my 6 other deaf sisters and brothers but as the 5th child, I was the one who had always seen the world through different eyes and why my heart is forever married to the most powerful language ever – SIGN LANGUAGE.

Straight bottom from my heart, I am very fortunate to have experienced a wonderful childhood in an amazing environment where I was able to communicate between the deaf and hearing world but I always noticed that there is something special that is missing in interacting with humanity.

What the world needs to know now

I have been carrying it with me since childhood. How multicolored the place we are living in would be when everyone has the ability to express themselves through more body language and gestures and able to exchange with fewer words instead?

How easy can it be for everyone to develop and form a relationship with every person around the globe with lovable gestures and lack of harsh words?

The core of my message is to fill the communication gap between both worlds and to create a culture of competence on both sides.

What is sign language?

Sign language is an idiom that is practiced by people who are having hearing loss or are deaf through using the visual-manual modality.

It’s full-fledged natural language with its own grammar and lexicon in a non-verbal, gestural way of 3-D language where we convey messages with more contents in less time.

There are over 460 million people in the world who are having hearing loss but around 70 million people are ‘deaf’ and it’s also covered with over 100 types of different sign language.

The invisible beauty of transmission

Sign language is actually the secret code to a fulfilling life that gives you beneficial occasions. For example, it boosts your communication skills, improves your mental health and also helps to build stronger boundaries with everybody around the world.

In the area of contact exchange within the deaf world they are so well cared for, which have expanded into a very large network worldwide because they defend the same value of the culture and taking it for granted as they want to be connected on a deeper level including sharing storytelling from their lives but when you learn sign language you are experiencing a new level of depth, warmth, and vulnerability that can change your life perspective forever.

Speaking in body language and gestures are so much more valuable than words itself what makes you as a person so likable.

Therefore, I am encouraging you to learn sign language not for the deaf people only but for your personal development and work life that are so useful to establish more awareness and to understand human behavior better.

Sign language in the modern world

Social workers, counselors, psychologists and medical professionals are also finding it beneficial to learn sign language. You become very skilled in visual attention, your self- esteem as confidence is boosted and your communication with others are appearing more personal.

Many new sign language users or people who are in possession of sign language love to express themselves through body language and gestures these days because it feels welcoming and heart-touching and in addition, you are seeing individual personalities with real passion, affection, and truth.

Surprising fact is that nowadays sign language is gaining popularity among new generations as for youngsters and adults. According to research, ASL is the 3rd most used study languages ​​in the US that, where almost everyone takes a course in sign language and has also internalized the basic knowledge of ASL and is widespread in contrast to the other countries.

Famous people support the importance of sign language

Did you know that Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Dalai Lama, Pope Benedict XVI and many other famous people do support this sign language? They have been using the ‘ILY’-sign, a sign that means ‘I love you’ and it stands for love, compassion and solidarity.

Don’t seek for differences but similarities within the Deaf Culture

Deaf people are describing a feeling of demarcation between the deaf and hearing world and they experience that hearing people often feel sorry for their ‘disability’ and also assuming that Deaf people need to be saved, in other words that is in need to be ‘cured’ but this is where the biggest mistake begins to label them as something ‘out of the world’ because they are seeing their deafness as a blessing.

In reality, many deaf people are very creative, more intelligent and happier with their life circumstances.

What the deaf community wants is to be accepted as a global unity where they can be treated fairly as social inclusion with having tolerance for their culture and to create more communication access to avoid misunderstandings and judgments from others.


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